Your physician has requested that you have a mammogram. MMH now offers 2D or 3D digital mammography. 3D Information Flyer

It is helpful in diagnosing symptoms of breast disease and in searching for early signs of cancer. The examination usually takes about 15 min.

Before the Exam 

  • Avoid using deodorant, talcum powder or any ointment or cream on your breasts or underarms. Residue could create misleading results.
  • Dress comfortably. A two-piece outfit will be more appropriate since you will be asked to undress above the waist. You will be given a patient gown to wear.

During the Exam

  • The technologist will position you at the machine. You may be asked to sit or stand, or to take different positions as the exam progresses.
  • When you’re in position, the technologist will use a compression device to flatten the breast so all the tissue can be seen. You’ll feel pressure on your breast. It may be uncomfortable, but it is not painful.