• Meeker Memorial Hospital receives CALS designation


    Caption: Oct. 10, 2013 MMH staff was presented with a certificate for being designated a CALS Hospital. Todd Grant, M.D., CALS Board of Directors presented the certificate to Veda Stockland, RN, Assistant Nurse Manager for the MMH Emergency Department (ED), ED Staff and ED & Inpatient Nurse Manager, Angie Dietel, RN, BSN.
    L to R: Jon Werner, Angie Dietel, Louise Brooks, Julie Wagner-Thompson, Veda Stockland and Todd Grant, M.D.

    October 14th, 2013

    How can rural hospital staff, without immediate access to specialist doctors and specialized diagnostic equipment, keep training current in emergency medicine?

    That question was addressed in1996, by formation of a Comprehensive Advanced Life Support(CALS) curriculum. Originating in Minnesota, CALS training is designed for rural hospitals and is now taught in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Texas, California and Canada. CALS is also the preferred emergency medical training provided to U.S. embassy medical staff around the world.

    In 2007 the CALS Hospital program was inaugurated to provide recognition and further reinforce a network of care in rural America. The CALS Hospital Recognition Program was designed to give credit to hospitals that meet CALS standards for training, procurement, and staffing. Meeker Hospital now joins eight additional hospitals in Minnesota and Wisconsin that have earned this recognition, and others are in the application process.

    “In order to qualify as a CALS Hospital,” said Kari Lappe , interim executive director of CALS, “the applicant hospital must meet a number of stringent criteria for staff training, up to date technology and evidence of commitment to the CALS principles. “I’m delighted to announce that Meeker Memorial Hospital has met these criteria.”

    In a ceremony held at Meeker Hospital on October 10th, 2013, Dr. Todd Grant, CALS board member and CALS instructor, presented the CALS award. Dr. Grant recognized the achievements not only of the clinicians but of the institutions and administrators that have so generously and enthusiastically provided the infrastructure for their training and practice.

    “This award represents many hours of training and the desire of medical and nursing staff to be as current as possible in providing emergency services to the community” stated Dr. Grant.

    Meeker Memorial is the sixth hospital to receive the designation in Minnesota, joining hospitals in Wadena, Long Prairie, Granite Falls, Aitkin and Big Fork.

    CALS is an educational program that is Comprehensive, Rural Focused, and adheres to the Team-Approach to training and real-world practice. The curriculum is rigorous and focuses on team effort, knowledge and a systematic approach to emergencies. The course is designed for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurses, paramedics and other primary healthcare professionals and focuses on critical events and conditions that require immediate intervention. Subject areas covered include airway, behavioral, cardiac, endocrine, environmental, infection, geriatric, metabolic, neonatal, neurological, obstetrical, orthopaedic, pediatric, respiratory, toxicology and trauma.

    For more information on the CALS program,visit http://calsprogram.org/.

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