Craig Zempel, PT

Meeker Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Services
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Scope of Practice

Physical therapists help people of all ages improve how they move.  They address pain, range of motion, strength, joint mobility, posture, balance and movement impairments that are affecting an individual’s ability to function normally in home life, work life and recreation/athletics.

Craig treats general diagnoses in orthopedic and neurological disorders which primarily include backs, necks, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles and feet as well as strokes.

Specialties/Areas of Interest

Specializes in manual therapy and therapeutic exercises for bones, joints, muscles and other soft tissue injuries with an emphasis on home exercise programs.

Treatment Philosophy

“I look at the patient experience as a trust.  We have been, as therapists, entrusted with a portion of the health care of people who come to us hoping we can benefit them.  It is our responsibility and duty as therapists to do the best we can to help accomplish the ultimate goal of having our patients take care of themselves with as few limitations and concerns as possible.”

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