Jennifer Steinhaus, MA, OTR/L, ATP, CLT-LANA

Meeker Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Services
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Scope of Practice

Occupational therapists help people enhance the skills they need for work, school, play and daily living. They work with everyone from young children to the elderly to help improve behaviors, cognition, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, strength, range of motion, vision, and balance, thus improving their overall function or performance in things that “occupy” their time.

Jennifer works to assist people of all ages and diagnoses, to achieve their highest level of functional independence in their home, school, work, and leisure environments.

Specialties/Areas of Interest

Specializes in working with individuals who experience problems with cognitive, behavioral or psychosocial issues. She has extensive experience in cognitive function testing and treatment and is working hard to assist patients, physicians, families, and caregivers in making good decisions regarding the care of loved ones with cognitive deficits. She also has advanced training and credentialing as an assistive technology specialist (ATP) to complete wheelchair and seating evaluations (including the use of a pressure mapping system) to work with individuals that either have or need a wheelchair (either manual or power) or other types of equipment. Jennifer has advanced training and credentialing as a Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT-LANA) to assess and treat individuals with lymphedema and other edema related disorders. She also has a special interest in concussion management and works with individuals of all ages who may experience issues with concussive symptoms.

Treatment Philosophy

“I truly believe every patient has his/her own life story. In therapy, we have the unique opportunity to be a part of someone else’s life story for a period of time, like another chapter in his/her book of life.  Through personalized, compassionate care, we as therapists can assist patients in achieving their personal goals, so that they can get to the next chapter of their life story.”

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