Jessica Trout, MOT, OTR/L

Meeker Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Services
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Scope of Practice

Occupational therapists help people enhance the skills they need for work, school, play and daily living.  They work with everyone from young children to the elderly to help improve behaviors, cognition, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, strength, range of motion, vision and balance, thus improving their overall function or performance in things that “occupy” their time.

Jessica provides general occupational therapy for adults and children. She treats a variety of patients and diagnoses such as children with developmental delays and sensory processing disorders; strokes; and shoulder, elbow, and hand injuries.

Specialties/Areas of Interest

Jessica has a special interest in pediatrics and orthopedics-specifically shoulder, elbow and hands.

Treatment Philosophy

“I use an individualized and holistic approach with each and every one of my patients. I believe that each and every person is unique and that it is important to recognize this when developing a treatment plan. I strive to incorporate meaningful activities in the treatment plan as to promote my patient’s highest level of independence in their everyday lives.”

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