Mackenzie Hoffman, MS, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist
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Scope of Practice

Occupational therapists help people enhance the skills they need for work, school, play and daily living.  They work with everyone from young children to the elderly to help improve behaviors, cognition, fine motor skills, strength, range of motion, vision and balance, thus improving their overall function or performance in things that “occupy” their time.

Mackenzie provides occupational therapy for individuals of all ages.  She treats a variety of patients and diagnoses such as children with developmental delays, and sensory processing disorders, individuals with strokes, as well as shoulder, elbow, and hand injuries.

Specialties/Areas of Interest

Mackenzie has a special interest in pediatrics and orthopedics-specifically shoulders, elbows and hands.  She also has interest in concussion management, and intends to begin training to help individuals of all ages who may experience issues with concussive symptoms.

Treatment Philosophy

I believe that every patient deserves unique and individualized care.  I strive to improve the lives of my patients by focusing on what is most important to them to guide treatment and to help reach their goals.  By forming a trusting partnership, the patient is able to direct his/her care while I help guide and push them to reach their greatest level of function.  It is a privilege for me to be a part of my patients’ journeys for a short while and help them reach their fullest potential in order to live their best lives.

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