Mary Royer, PT

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Scope of Practice:

Physical therapists help people of all ages improve how they move.  They address pain, range of motion, strength, joint mobility, posture, balance and movement impairments that are affecting an individual’s ability to function normally in home life, work life and recreation/athletics.

Mary provides pediatric physical therapy services to children from newborns to teens, consulting with the medical community, school staff, and families to provide care that takes the whole child into consideration.

Area of Specialty

Mary specializes in treating children who have a variety of diagnoses including developmental delay, neurological, and genetic disabilities using a variety of therapeutic techniques and assisting in equipment needs to help them reach their full potential.

Treatment Philosophy

“I enjoy helping children develop their large motor skills to the very best of their ability while getting to know each of their individual personalities.  I truly believe that children learn best when they can practice their new skills in their homes and I value working closely with families to set up activities and exercises that can be family friendly and fit into their day.”

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