Miranda Pommier, DPT

Meeker Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Services
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Scope of Practice

Physical therapists help people of all ages improve how they move.  They address pain, range of motion, strength, joint mobility, posture, balance and movement impairments that are affecting an individual’s ability to function normally in home life, work life and recreation/athletics.

Miranda treats a wide range of diagnoses and ages from the typical aches and pains to post-surgical or injury rehabilitation.

Specialties/Areas of Interest

Specializes in vestibular rehabilitation:  this includes diagnoses such as Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo (BPPV), unilateral vestibular dysfunction, labrynthitis, dizziness and falls.

Treatment Philosophy

“I love to teach patients about their body and the pathology that has brought them to me.  I feel the more a person knows about their treatment, the more comfortable they will be.  If we can work together as a team, then the final rehabilitation will be achieved quickly, and the patient can return to what they enjoy doing most.”

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