Suzanne Hansen, MA, OTR/L, CLT – Rehabilitation Services Director

Meeker Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Services
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Scope of Practice

Occupational Therapists help people enhance the skills they need for work, school, play and daily living.  They work with everyone from young children to the elderly to help improve behaviors, cognition, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, strength, ROM, vision and balance, thus improving their overall function…or performance in things that “occupy” their time.

Suzanne has been active in development of the occupational therapy department and treats patients of all ages.  As a rural occupational therapist, she has developed skills in varied areas to address the needs of the community.

Specialties/Areas of Interest

Specializes in treatments for lymphedema, neurological hand splinting (SAEBO) and currently manages the hand therapy program. She also has special interests in concussion management and has assisted in the development of our program to evaluate and treat area athletes.

Treatment Philosophy

“Continued learning and exposure to new/other techniques for healing are a priority for me.  I have an eclectic approach and really like to delve into the patients experience related to their pain or dysfunction.  It is important to me that the patient feels welcome and comfortable when relating to me.  The awareness of what the patient is going through, talking about adaptations that we can make to improve their independence and reduce their pain are things that make a real difference in my patient’s lives.  I want my patient’s to know that I am actively trying to problem solve the root cause of their pain/dysfunction.  They should feel that our partnership is going to make the difference in achieving their goals.  I guide and push them to achieve their goals and educate them on their need to do their home program.  Therapy is a minute portion of the patient’s life and I try to be aware of that.  I truly enjoy meeting people and learning from them, each life experience makes my life richer.”

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