Balance/Fall Prevention

Falls are a major concern to many individuals whether they have fallen in the past or are fearful of a fall, especially as one ages. Because your balance is controlled through a coordination of three different systems in your body: the visual system, the vestibular system (inner ear) and the proprioceptive system, there may be many causes to impaired balance. Meeker Memorial Hospital has therapists who are specially trained to assess the source of your balance problems, and can develop a treatment program to help minimize or eliminate your risk of falling.

One of the programs that has been developed at Meeker Memorial Hospital is a home-based fall prevention program, based on an established falls prevention program called Otago. This year-long program is guided by a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant to improve balance and strength. The therapist comes into your home several times throughout the year and helps you progress through an exercise program designed to improve your balance. The participant must be self-motivated to perform and document a daily exercise and walking program. Participants should gain strength in their legs, increased ease of rising from a chair, improved balance, improved mobility and possibly increased independence in their living situation. This program is funded by a grant program, and can be offered free of charge to those who qualify.

Another falls prevention program that has been developed as a part of our grant program is called Matter of Balance. It is an eight session group fitness format in which participants will find practical ways to decrease falls hazards in your home, increase activity levels and lower the fear of falls through group conversation. Meeting times are listed on the Calendar of Events at the Meeker Memorial Hospital website.

Fall Prevention Checklist

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