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The human spine is a complex and common issue in healthcare. Symptoms resulting from spine, and tissues influencing the spine, are many and varied. No single approach can address all of the issues related to the back.

Meeker Memorial Hospital’s rehabilitation service offers a variety of treatment approaches that are often successful in treatment of the spine. A thorough evaluation, generally following a referral from a medical doctor, helps determine not only the cause of the problem but helps define the specific treatment approach that would most likely be successful.

Meeker Memorial Hospital utilizes the expertise of therapists that have over 30 years of experience and training among them. The training and experience of those therapists, along with the ability to consult with medical doctors, helps ensure a successful treatment.

Common approaches to a spine injury include manual therapies such as spinal and other joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques and direct stretching. Modalities include such things as mechanical traction (sometimes referred to as spinal decompression), ultrasound, electrical stimulation and superficial heat and cold treatments.

An important component of rehabilitation is exercises; both supervised directly and as a part of the home program. These activities include specific stretches; strengthening exercises, including core strengthening; and general strengthening of other muscles that are found to be weak. General conditioning is also an important factor in managing spinal problems. Other factors that determine an outcome include coordination and body mechanics, including proper spinal care techniques and positions to minimize stress to the back

This general and comprehensive approach includes evaluation, consultation, a broad range of treatments and a patient specific home exercise program. These are all important components that help individuals minimize the chance of a recurrent problem with the back and also give patients an avenue to be responsible for and to take part in their own healthcare.

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