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Injuries are often a part of sports and can affect everyone from the weekend warrior to the professional athlete. We have therapists who have specialized training and understanding of the unique physical demands of sports and are equipped to develop a treatment plan that will get you back to performance.

Injuries in sports can include acute injuries such as sprains and strains; chronic injuries; and overuse injuries such as tendonitis.

Acute injuries: These are injuries that have just happened within a week or two, and generally the athlete knows exactly what caused the injury. This is the time when you may notice swelling and inflammation in addition to pain when using the area. Often times, athletes do not or cannot participate during this time and tend to rest the injured area. Although this is something the best course of action, generally total rest and immobilization can lead to slower healing and recovery.

It is recommended to have professional guidance by a therapist or athletic trainer in determining what you can do and what you cannot do. Treatment to acute injuries typically can help to shorten the healing time, utilizing the proper manual and modality treatments, combined with properly designed rehabilitation exercises that you can do on your own between sessions. Sometimes specialized taping/wrapping techniques or specific braces are utilized during this phase to help keep you playing while your body heals.

Chronic injuries: If an injury continues to bother you after a month or longer, it is considered chronic. It has either not healed properly or continues to be aggravated for some reason, and will likely not get better without some sort of treatment. Sometimes these chronic injuries may need to be treated differently in order to get them to heal. They may require additional modification of what you are doing, or how you are doing it in order to get you moving on the right path to recovery. Your therapist will evaluate you and determine the best treatment approach.

Overuse injuries: These injuries are the result of repeated stress and strain. We often see these types of injuries in sports involving high volume of repeated motion such as running or pitching. Many times, the athlete cannot identify a single incident, but rather the pain just shows up unexpectedly.

In addition to clinic treatments, these types of injuries usually require modification of your activity to take the repeated stress and strain off the involved tissue. There may be assessment of your technique or training program along with recommendations of changes to prevent future injuries.

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