Center for Senior Behavioral Health (CSBH) at Meeker Memorial Hospital & Clinics

Providing regional innovative mental health services improving the quality of life for our older adults and their families

The Center for Senior Behavioral Health at Meeker Memorial Hospital & Clinics was designed with patient experience in mind. The behavioral health unit provides a therapeutic environment with enhanced safety, security and overall experience in the space.

The Center for Senior Behavioral Health offers area residents psychiatric hospitalization services for those over the age of 55 who suffer from acute symptoms related to mental health or behavioral health issues. Each patient who is admitted to the Center receives comprehensive psychiatric and medical care services during hospitalization. Our goal is to provide individualized, inpatient care aimed at improving daily function and quality of life for the older adult.

We offer a multidisciplinary team approach that combines the expertise of our psychiatrist, medical physician, psychiatric nursing staff, social worker and activity coordinator. Together this team tailors individualized plans of care. A treatment plan will include group therapy, scheduled activities, medication management and individualized interventions designed to meet the needs of each patient.

Should a patient have other medical issues, these will be treated by the Center’s Medical Director or the patient’s local personal care provider.

Community Resources:

Litchfield Area Alzheimer’s and Dementia Information Guide


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Referrals to the Center can be made by anyone. Our staff will help the referring agency or person get the needed information and/or treatment quickly and professionally.

To make a referral, please call (320) 693-4535.

Visiting Information

Families are an important part of our patients’ care. Regular hours of visitation are set up each day for family members to visit loved ones. Follow-up care and discharge planning help ensure a smooth transition to enhance the patients’ quality of life when they leave the hospital.

CSBH Enhancements

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CSBH space

The enhanced space focuses on safety, security, and overall experience.

CSBH Natural Light

The space takes advantage of natural sunlight creating a more therapeutic environment.

CSBH family friendly space

The space was created with family interaction in mind with seating areas for social interaction.